Interlaken, Switzerland

Since Barcelona is in the ideal location for traveling, my room mates and I have many trips planned. We stayed the first couple weekends in Barcelona familiarize ourselves with our neighborhood and other places in the city. After exploring we decided that our first trip would be to Interlaken, Switzerland. Since Interlaken is located in a valley in the Swiss Alps, we were planning to ski and snowboard with the touring company called Bus2alps.


The first (and last) time I’ve ever been snowboarding, I almost hit a tree and broke my wrist. So I decided that attempting to snowboard again in the Swiss Alps wasn’t exactly the best idea especially being so far away from home and not having my parents to take care of me if something that were to happen. I had heard that skiing was so much easier than snowboarding so I figured id give it a try.

WELL, learning how to ski is actually a lot harder than people expect. My roommate and I had gotten a beginners package so that way we can learn together. We had this older middle-aged man from Mexico inIMG_5077 our group as well. So the three of us took the bus to the top of the bunny hill where we spent the next six hours trying to ski. My roommate was amazing at it but I was awful. I was so exhausted because we got to the hostel at 3:30 in the morning and had to be up at 6. I ended up getting really frustrated and sitting down for a while. It was a fun experience, but 6 hours of not being good at something is really frustrating. My advice would be to not ski or snowboard unless you know how to. I would have loved to be able to go up to the more challenging parts of the mountains and go down… Maybe next time.

The second day my one roommate and I didn’t plan on snowboarding so we wanted to walk around Interlaken. It was so beautiful and we quickly found out that there was this festival where bands from all over Switzerland came in these extravagant outfits and competed. It was so cool to watch because it seemed that entire families would be involved with the band, even little kids were dressed up and on stage.


Later that night we went back to the festival and tried the traditional Swiss dish of fondue. To me its strange that cheese is considered an entire dinner, but when in Switzerland you have to do as the Swiss do.

Overall, Interlaken was a really awesome experience but SUPER expensive. For future travelers, I would suggest that if you aren’t a skier or snowboarder, you should try paragliding or ski diving. If you have no interest in any of the above, then I would suggest staying home and saving your money. I am really happy I got to “learn how to ski” (more like throw a temper tantrum) in the Swiss Alps and overall it was a really great experience and a great first trip.

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