Staying connected while abroad

Some people feel as if some social media outlooks are out of style and becoming “old news”. Facebook has been in the spotlight for years, and the world has been waiting for its demise. Facebook is one of my main ways to communicate with people who I am not around.

Since I am four hours away from home in college, I rely heavily of Facebook to see what my family and friends are up to. My parents joke around saying that when I post pictures on Sunday night that they know I’m okay and survived the weekend. It’s fun to see my best friends from my hometown with their school friends and how their “other” life is. We always joke around that we have a school life and a home life, so Facebook is a great tool to be able to see the other side of your friends.

Mid November, last semester, my phone broke and I thought it was the end of the world, but oh wow I was wrong! Not having a phone was the best feeling. I became so much more aware of the people around me and I stopped worrying about posting Instagram pictures or checking who tweeted last. Even though I wouldn’t have admitted it before breaking my phone, but I realized was addicted to social media!

While I do still use it, I don’t abuse it. I try to moderate what I post and I try to not spend my life revolving around social media. I know people who will take down an Instagram if they don’t get enough likes. Because I am thousands of miles away from home, my family has made me promise to keep my profiles updated that way they could see what I was doing. My grandma and dad both made a Facebook since I can’t really talk to them while I’m here because neither of them have iPhones, therefore iMessage or Whatsapp won’t work. Neither of them comment or even like any of my stuff, they just use it as a source to look at my pictures. 

I have been keeping my Instagram and Facebook profile updated while abroad just so people know what I am up to. It has been a way for me to chat with some of my extended family. I believe that it’s a great tool for people who you aren’t with on the regular.

I’d admit that I stalked some Facebook profiles before coming to Barcelona, but it only made me that much more excited to come. I couldn’t wait to see what was already so beautiful in pictures with my own eyes. I got to see what the weather was kind of like so I knew what to pack. I also got to see where some people traveled and what they did while they were there.

Personally, I do not see Facebook going out of style because there are plenty of people that I know that are still active users. I do see other social medias dwindling, like Twitter. In a way it’s kind of pointless because you can only say so much, where as Instagram and Facebook you can say and post so much. While I have not shut social media out of my life completely, I have definitely moderated my use and will continue to post (mainly to make people jealous). So the question remains…Is Facebook in the prime heading to its demise or in a plateau that it may never get out of?

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