This past weekend, I spend my weekend in Florence, visiting my friend JT. I have been to Italy before and Florence was by far my favorite city. I love the atmosphere and the way of life there. One of the reasons I adore Florence is because the city is still so old school and historical.

The city was built around the Arno River and there are still so many medieval elements surrounding the river, like the watchtowers that used to be attached to the city walls. JT is in a couple of history and architecture classes so he knows his was around Florence so well and knows EXACTLY what he’s talking about.


We did a lot of sightseeing and A LOT of eating. I got to climb the Duomo and the Bell Tower. The Duomo is a gothic style cathedral that is located in the center of Florence in one of the main squares. JT told me to look up and said, “Don’t you feel small, that’s how gothic style architects wanted you to feel when you walked into a church.” After realizing this I can’t wait to travel and compare all of the gothic style cathedrals I come across to the Duomo. Climbing the Duomo isn’t as fun as it sounds because it is actually really scary because the stairs wind up and the corridors get really narrow and dark. When you finally reach the top, the sight is breathtaking so it is 100% worth the climb.

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DSCN0456I got to go wine tasting in the Tuscan Valley one of the days I was in Italy. It was a really cool experience because all of the vineyard owners that we met are so proud of their vineyard and take such pride in the land that their families have passed down from multiple generations. I unfortunately was feeling under the weather from my night out before, so I didn’t appreciate the taste of the amazing wine that was in front of me. From the looks around me, everyone else enjoyed their wine a lot. Tuscany is definitely a place I want to go back to, but I would suggest going when the wine trees are in season so you can appreciate the view more.

Since I come from an Italian family, one of the reasons I was so excited to go to Italy was for the food. I miss my grandparents and my moms Italian cooking so much, even though I have found italina food in spain, its still not the same. I got to try the world famous Gusta Pizza, which was probably the best pizza I have ever tasted in my entire life. There is this really famous panini place All’antico Vinaio, which is amazing. I got it 3 times during my weekend in Italy (gross). The meat and all of the ingredients are so fresh and they put it on homemade bread that is already warmed. You go in and tell them what kind of meat you want and if you aren’t sure what kind of toppings you want, they will work their magic and pair the meat with what they think will be the best combination. It is all only for 5 Euros and you can never finish a full panini in one sitting.

I was really excited to get back to Barcelona but I was sad to leave Flroence. It is one of my favorite cities I have visited and I know I will definitely be back!

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