Valentí Sanjuan


My class was fortunate enough to have Valentí Sanjuan come in to speak to us. Who is Valentí Sanjuan ? Good question….. According to his Linkedn; “We do not really know or what I am or what I do: it has to do with the contents, brands, advertising, entertainment, social networking, and especially the public”…..hmm that helps. After listening to Valentí’s story, his life and his purpose of his life was a lot clearer than when he first started his presentation or what his Linkedn says.

Valentí started out in mainstream journalism on Cataluyna Radio. He worked there for about 7 years, when unfortunately due to the recessionvib, he was laid off. Following losing his job, he decided to make such a dark time into something completely positive. He wanted to do everything he did at and for the radio station but in television form. Valentí intelligently used the connections he had from the radio station to start his TV show. He would basically ask people to be on the show and in compensation for their time they would get a beer or something simple like that. Because it was mostly his friends that were invited to the show, they were supportive but they all soon realized that after about 2 months nothing was coming out of the show. First, the show was in Catalan and after some research he realized he needed to switch to Spanish in order to target a larger audience.

Valentí decided that in order to achieve success he needed to change up his show a bit. Visto lo Visto, project113-1354117936is what it is known as today and it targets millions of viewers. Valentí acted as the host of the program where he would invite friends, musicians, and stand up comedians to come to the show. Because of the rapid increase in social media use and because of his presence in YouTube, Valentí decided to start inviting other YouTube stars. Visto lo Visto is not like any other TV show. You can only access the program via YouTube, which some can consider a major advantage. If you have a mobile phone or computer, you can basically access YouTube anytime you want, making it simple to view the show. The show proved that “word-of-mouth” within our generations today is so useful. He went from having 100 viewers (all being his close friends and families) to having millions of viewers. He explained that it was a lot of “trial and error … and error and error” but finally he was successful.

Here’s a clip from one of the broadcasts:

If you take a look at Valentí’s YouTube channel, you can see that he is practically INSANE and is some kind of abnormal superhuman. He participated in over 30 Ironman challenges as well as these insanely long runs. He showed us two in class that gave me the chills. Here they are:

It’s really cool to see how such a funny and crazy guy can be serious, yet doing what he loves. He has become a huge YouTube influencer and has had numerous brands support him. He explained to us that he wants to live the way that he wants to live. He said that he will continue to search for new adventures and continue to live each day one at a time. He was a truly inspiring person and he taught us that by doing things that you love you can make money and be ultimately happy. It is really awesome to see the happiness and success he talked about in his personalized videos.



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