Tour Guide Ali

So I’ve been fortunate enough to have some friends and family from home and from school come visit me. To be specific, for the past 3 weeks first, my 3 best friends from school came (for a week), then my best guy friend came for 5 days from Florence and then my mother came for 10 days over my spring break. While I loved seeing familiar faces and hanging out, I feel like I can be the ultimate tour guide of Barcelona. It started getting expensive by going to all of the tourist attractions and going out to the best restaurants in town. I knew that my daily life in Barcelona was so amazing and much more interesting compared to their lives at home. I wanted to make sure that I was the ULTIMATE tour guide. So for my fellow Barcelona study abroad students that have family or friends coming to visit, here is the itinerary that I followed.

Since I knew that I had a handful of visitors coming I didn’t want to be bored by doing the same thing a million of time so here are some suggestions of things you can do and places you can see.


Go to Parc Güell– if you go 45 minutes before the sunset you get in for free. Climb up to the bunkers if you’re with friends who are willing to hike.

See the Arc de Triomf– right behind the arc de Triomf is Parc de Citudella. If you walk through both of those it takes up a lot of time and its really cool and fun to see.

Go to Milk or Brunch & Cake– these brunch places are so cute and relatively cheap. My friends and my mom loved the food and the environment.


GO TO CDLC– THIS IS SO FUN!! CDLC is my favorite place to go and my friends thought it was so cool to drink sangria and hangout on the couches. You can literally waste the entire day away by sitting and relaxing.


Go to La Boquiera– People who are seeing this for the first time think it’s the coolest thing in the world. My mom loved it and stocked up my fridge afterwards.


Go to Pippermints– Your friends will think the big drinks are SO cool so bring them here!!! We went to Opium after and it was really fun.


Parc de l’Espanya Industrial– Its free to go into the park and there’s this funky slide you can slide down. It’s not that big of a park but it was a beautiful day when we went so we hung out in the sun.


Catedral de Barcelona my mom loved this church so much! She thought it was so beautiful. We went to Palm Sunday mass and I think it was the highlight of her trip.


Go SHOPPING!– My friends from school that came to visit love to shop so we spent an entire day shopping down Passeig de Gracia and Placa de Cataluyna. The clothes in Barcelona are (in my opinion) a lot cooler than they are in the states. My mom really liked the shopping which meant that I got some cool new clothes!

Walk around the beach– even though I am from Long Island and practically live on the beach, its nice to bring people and walk them around Barcelonetta and near the beach clubs.

Las Ramblas– it’s like the Times Square of Barcelona so your visitors are bound to love it.

04 Las Ramblas pedestrian area

Sagrada Familia Do the audio tour!!! So worth it because if not you kind of walk around not really knowing what’s going on. It doesn’t take too long and its so worth it to hear about the history and the reasoning behind Gaudi’s architecture.


Get Tapas Tapas are Spain’s traditional food. They are appetizers that you order a bunch of and share with the table. My friends loved this because they didn’t want to eat too much before going out. It’s also really awesome because everyone gets to have a little taste of everything.

Tibidabo Getting there is a little complicated but definitely worth it. I went with my mom so she didn’t have any interest in going on rides or anything but if you go with your friends I would definitely make a whole day out of it. ** BE careful because its only open certain days (specifically on the weekend)**

Walk around the neighborhoods- each neighborhood has its own cool style and personality. I luckily live in Grácia, so my friends had plenty to see when I was in class. Check out el Born, Gòtic and Sarriá. A lot of the neighborhoods have really cool places to shop.


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