This past weekend I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Lagos, Portugal. I went with the same tour company that I went to Morocco with, Discover Excursion. My best friend in the whole world’s parents are from Portugal so I always knew I would eventually come here, I just wasn’t sure if it would be during my study abroad experience or on my own to visit my friend’s family.

I left Barcelona Friday morning, and flew to Seville to meet up with the tour 3123373830_fa2bc2d1c9company. We then made our way from Seville to Lagos. The bus took about 3 hours but it was a really cool and scenic view. I never can sleep on public transportation so I always get to admire the scenery and the countries I drive through. When we got to the hotel we got settled in and then met for a Sangria cruise. The sangria cruise was on a large sailboat, but attached was a s646f3f21937bmaller boat. We went in groups to the Grottos, which was so amazing. I have never seen such beautiful caves and scenery and I joked about how I think that mermaids live there. There was one cave that was rather large and there was a group of older Portuguese men in their little rowboats all hanging out and relaxing. I love seeing the locals in their own personal element because I think it really gives you a feel for what they’re like. We then got ready and went to dinner at the BEST burger place in the entire world, NahNahBah. The perverted menu made picking out our dinner a lot more enjoyable. I got a sandwich called, Joe’s big cock meat sandwich…….. It was really good to say the least.


The next day we woke up early and headed to the beach, Meia Praia. Luckily the beach was located pretty close to the city center of Lagos, so we spent the first half of the day walking around and shopping. There were local street vendors that set up tents and we were able to look at their stuff. I spent all of my money at the street vendors because they were selling the coolest stuff. I did a lot of my souvenir shopping and got to hangout at the beach after, so it was a pretty cool day. We then had some time after the beach to relax and nap, BUT unfortunately, I had to spend my free time doing homework for my Social Media and Journalism classes. 😦 . The group then met and we took a bus to Cabo Sao Vicente, which is apparently also known as “The End of the World”. Cabo Sao Vicente is basically a cliff that sticks out of the land and when you stand on the farthest point, you are surrounded by water on both sides. The sunset was really beautiful. I love watching the sunsets at home in America at my local beach, so I think its awesome that I can say I watched the sunset in Portugal, while standing at the end of the world.


The next morning I took surf lessons. We had to wake up really early and take the bus to the west coast of Portugal where many of the surfers hangout. Surfing is always something I really have wanted to try, since it’s a prominent activity to do in my hometown. It was sooo fun, but there were about 30 of us in the surf lesson so it was stressful trying to learn how to surf while worrying about getting hit with a surfboard or hitting someone else. I was okay, and I think I could have definitely been a lot better if there weren’t as many people there. It was still so much fun and I definitely want to try again and see if I can be as good as the pros.


Portugal was definitely an awesome trip, but I know I will get an entirely different experience if I come back with my best friend and stay at her grandmothers. I feel like my trip was more Americanized since I was with Americans at all times. I didn’t get to try a traditional Portuguese meal, which is okay since I can try traditional Portuguese food right at home.

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